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It’s Time to Put in Your Final Orders for the Holidays

page-engineering-quality-largeThe major holiday buying season is upon us, which means that you need to be locked and loaded with your product inventory. Do you have enough products to meet demand? If not, then now is the time to put in those last-minute orders. You know that it always takes time to turn around orders. Plastic parts have to be thermoformed, trimmed, painted, and assembled. Your completed product must also be packaged and shipped to your warehouse.

Do not leave your biggest retailers hanging or undercut your bottom line by playing it too safe and running out of inventory. At Tru-Form Plastics, we can turn your orders around quickly, so you may still be able to make the December rush. Double check your numbers, and if you need to put in an order, don’t hesitate. We can move quickly and provide painting, fabrication, assembly, and printing to save you time and money during the holiday rush!

Do You Need Your Plastics to Survive the Might of Mother Nature?

Plastics ManufacturingMany plastic pieces get to enjoy the good life, living their days in temperature controlled environments. You would never leave your computer outside during a blizzard or let your precious cell phone bake on a sizzling summer day. However, some plastics are not so lucky. They need to be ready for everything that Mother Nature can throw at them, from frigid temperatures dipping below zero, to hurricane winds, sand storms, and heat that could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

All sorts of plastics need to spend a lot of time in harsh environments, including plastic pieces in cars, streetlamps, outdoor signs, grocery carts, dog houses, and so much more! If you are a manufacturer who needs plastic pieces that can stand up to just about anything, than Tru-Form Plastics is your answer. We can manufacture plastics that won’t crack, melt, or degrade in extreme conditions. These plastics will improve the life of your product and keep your customers happy!

Contact us today to tell us more about your specific plastic needs.

We Provide Plastic Bonding and Assembly, Too

plastic-vacuum-forming01[1]The plastic pieces that we manufacture for our clients are usually components of a larger product. It can be a hassle for clients to ship these plastic parts to a second vendor who will perform assembly and bonding services. Rather than spend extra time and money on introducing a second vendor into the equation, why not let us perform bonding and assembly, too?

Yes, our team can adhere plastic pieces together according to your specifications or assemble multiple pieces together to create a finalized product or to prepare a multi-unit part for you. It just makes sense to let us perform these extra services. After all, since we manufactured the piece, we already have a deep understanding of your schematics and the overall goal on the project. Working with us for bonding and assembly also means your pieces stay in one place and that you can stay in communication with the same project coordinator. The fewer vendors involved, the easier your job is, and the smaller the chance of a late shipment or miscommunication between vendors.

Call us today to learn how we can mold, trim, bond, and assemble your plastic parts.

Need to Increase Speed to Market? Let Us Assemble Your Plastic Pieces

As the holidays approach, speed to market will be a critical component to your company’s success. The faster you can get your products manufactured and assembled, the faster you can get them onto store shelves or into your warehouses for shipping to customers.

One of the best ways to increase speed to market is to streamline your vendor processes and to cut unnecessary vendors from your manufacturing chain. The more vendors involved in your product’s creation and assembly, the greater the turnaround for the product and the increased chance of mistakes and surprise delays.

At Tru-Form Plastics, we want to help you increase your speed to market. That’s why we not only offer thermoplastic manufacturing services. We can also trim, machine, fabricate, bond, and even assemble your plastic parts in our warehouses. You’ll only have to deal with one project coordinator, instead of a dozen different vendors, which will make your job easier too.

Give your product a competitive edge! Call us to learn more about our plastic manufacturing and turn-key solutions today.

Ultrasonic Welding: What Is It, and How Is It Used?

When you think of welding, you might imagine a burly man lowering a huge, metal welding mask over his face, putting on thick gloves, and then sparking his welder so that he can melt two chunks of metal together. This works perfectly when it comes to joining metal pieces, but what if you need to join small plastic pieces together? You can’t exactly use a traditional welder for that, but you also don’t really want to just glue or nail your plastic pieces together!

In the plastic industry, we have our own form of welding, called ultra-sonic welding. It’s actually very cool. Using the power of high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibration, we can create enough pressure between two pieces of plastic to actually weld them together. If you think about all of the complicated devices you own that incorporate plastic, like your phone, your refrigerator, and your computer, it is likely that ultrasonic welding was used to fit at least some of those plastic parts together.

At Tru-Form Plastics, we can perform ultrasonic welding to help create the plastic pieces that you need!

Questions to Consider When Deciding What Type of Plastic to Use for Your Parts

Questions to Consider When Deciding What Type of Plastic to Use for Your PartsIf you need to design plastic parts for your next product, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what type of plastic to use. With all of the different resins and chemical combinations available, you have a lot of options. You can make plastics that are extremely hard, pliable, durable, or able to withstand extreme temperatures. How do you decide what type of plastic to use? Answering these questions might help:

  • What is the part’s function? For example, does it need to bend or does it need to be strong?
  • What is the expected size and volume of the part?
  • Will the part be exposed to extreme temperatures during its use, or even during storage?
  • Will the part need to stand up to heavy use?
  • Will the part be exposed to any chemicals, outdoor elements, or other damaging factors?

If you still aren’t sure what type of plastic to use, contact Tru-Form Plastics to schedule a Plastics Consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable representatives.

How We Make the Parts That Make the Parts

Custom Design Tooling

Before we can start producing your unique plastic part or product, we must first create the machinery or tools to make that part. Each part for each client is unique, so we will need to design a new tool to make that part. Unlike some of our competitors, we make our tools out of durable aluminum in-house. That means the same designers who will be producing your part will also be involved in the process of creating the tools. In this way, we retain control and visibility to the entire process of your part creation.

This process also allows us to determine cost savings for you when possible. For example, if we will be producing mated parts for you, we can incorporate this into our tool design to make the process as efficient as possible. The beauty of using sturdy aluminum for our parts-making tools is that it allows us to make a nearly unlimited amount of parts for you. That means you have to only face one major setup, and then we can keep production going for as long as you need the part.

Contact us today to begin the planning process for your next plastic part.

Why Trimming of Plastics Is So Important


When you contract with a manufacturer to make a component part of your product, you will probably spend a good deal of time designing the part and determining the perfect plastic composite to use. Once the design and material are approved, the rest is a piece of cake, right? Actually, you’re over-looking a crucial part of the manufacturing process – the trimming of the completed part.

Once your plastic part is created, all of the excess plastic will need to be trimmed away. The trim is so important, because a poor trim will result in inconsistent parts that may not function correctly or even fit into their designated spot. A poor trim can also make your part look crude if it is a visible component of your product.

At Tru-Form Plastics, we use five-axis CNC trimming, which achieves optimal consistency and accuracy. When you entrust your plastic manufacturing to us, you can feel confident that every single part will be perfect every time!

You Might Not Even Realize How Much Plastic is in Your Life

You Might Not Even Realize How Much Plastic is in Your LifeIn the western world, plastic is a part of every person’s life, but many of us don’t realize just how much plastic is all around us. Gradually, as the technologies surrounding the creation of plastics (such as thermoforming) have become more sophisticated, plastics have infiltrated almost every nook and cranny of the modern human experience.

The Worldwatch Institute noted that in 2015, the average person in North America consumed over 200 pounds of plastics a year. Most of us recognize the most common plastics in our lives, including plastic grocery bags, plastic water bottles, and the plastic packaging on new purchases. However, there is far more unseen plastic all around us. How about the plastic parts in your cell phone, your printer, and your tablet? What about the plastic pieces in your car, your laundry machine, and your Halloween decorations?

It truly is amazing!

Some of those plastics are made by us, Tru-Form Plastics. We don’t make the plastic grocery bags or water bottles, but we do make the important parts that help your car, washing machine, and other necessary equipment work! Check out our plastic product portfolio to see just a few of the everyday things we make that you might be using right now!

What does CNC stand for?

CNC Trimming of Thermoformed PartsCNC means Computer Numerical Control. This means a computer converts the design produced by Computer Aided Design software (CAD), into numbers.

The numbers can be considered to be the coordinates of a graph and they control the movement of the cutter. In this way the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material


The way coordinates are used can be seen opposite. The X, Y and Z axis control the movement of the cutter on a 3D CNC machine. This allows materials to be machined in three directions (3D manufacture).
The plastic block shown below has been shaped on a CNC machine. It started as a cube.

The design (produced on CAD, Computer Aided Design software) has been converted into coordinates. The cutter is instructed to go from one coordinate to another. A simple plastic block such as this may have a thousand coordinates.