Could Our Data Soon Be Stored On Plastic?

Plastics ManufacturingThese days it is truly astounding how much data we can stuff into external hard drives or even the ubiquitous USB drive. Computer chips are getting smaller and smaller and are able to store ever greater amounts of information, but it seems that eventually we’ll reach the limit of what is possible with our current materials. An intriguing  article in New Scientist spotlights a scientist named Jean-Francois Lutz working out of the Institute Charles Sadron in Strasbourg, France who has just shown that it is possible to store data on chains of plastic.

Using the idea of DNA as a foundation, Lutz envisions a future where an entire library of information can be stored on numerous short polymer chains. So far, his team has written the term CNRS across six polymers. The term CNRS is an abbreviation of the French National Center for Scientific Research.

Here at Tru-Form Plastics, we know that plastic is a versatile substance, but this is truly astounding and inspiring. Plastic will continue to define the future progress of humanity.