A Medley of Molds

A successful part starts with a good tool. There are many different tool designs and material selections available for various applications. Here are some of the most common tool types thermoformers utilize.

  • Composite Molds: Depending on the length of the production run, and especially for prototyping, an engineered composite mold may be a good choice because it’s less expensive and quick.
  • Wood: Molds can be made of wood or a combination of wood and other materials. With this option, tooling can be more cost effective. However, wood tools can also be less durable and accurate.
  • Machined Aluminum Molds: Molds machined from aluminum are not only more stable and consistent choices, but also able to hold tight tolerances. That makes them good for detailed parts.
  • Cast Aluminum Molds: While still made of aluminum, this type of tool is often less expensive than their machined counterparts. But it’s somewhat limited in its application for textured parts.

With the variety of tooling available, it’s important to work with your thermoformer to find the best option for your needs.

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