Can You Weld with Vibration?

You might have tried out welding for the first time in shop class, using a blow torch toCan You Weld with Vibration? pit fire against metal. When the fire melted the metal, it cooled and fused forming a joint. That same blow torch isn’t exactly a useful tool when it comes to attaching certain other materials such as plastics.

Here at Tru-Form Plastics, we use a different wielding technique that actually utilizes the science of vibration! This is called sonic welding or ultrasonic welding. The gist of sonic welding is that high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations transfer energy into a localized area of the plastic pieces. The plastic absorbs the vibrations, which heat up and melt the plastics, creating a new joint when the plastic cools. With sonic welding, there is no need for glue, nails, or screws.

Sonic welding can lead to very strong and durable plastic joints, and we have had good results with this process at our company. Want to learn more about our sonic welding services? Contact Tru-Form Plastics today!