So You Have an Idea for a Product, Now What?

You have a product idea. A great product idea. No, a world-changing product idea. Well, we have some bad news for you. Ideas are a dime a dozen. The difference between a guy or gal with a great idea and a successful inventor or business owner is implementation. Unless you can actually manufacture and find a way to sell your product, that idea will only be a dream.

Fortunately, you don’t have to actually build your product. Many companies, like Tru-Form Plastics, exist to help you manufacture all the pieces that go into your product and to assemble them. In fact, you can hire companies to warehouse, package, and even ship your products.

The key is to find great vendors who can create high quality and consistent products your future customers are going to love. You’ll also need to find financing, since none of these companies work for free. It’s important that you truly believe in your idea before investing so much time, money, and capital into it!

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How We Make the Parts That Make the Parts

Custom Design Tooling

Before we can start producing your unique plastic part or product, we must first create the machinery or tools to make that part. Each part for each client is unique, so we will need to design a new tool to make that part. Unlike some of our competitors, we make our tools out of durable aluminum in-house. That means the same designers who will be producing your part will also be involved in the process of creating the tools. In this way, we retain control and visibility to the entire process of your part creation.

This process also allows us to determine cost savings for you when possible. For example, if we will be producing mated parts for you, we can incorporate this into our tool design to make the process as efficient as possible. The beauty of using sturdy aluminum for our parts-making tools is that it allows us to make a nearly unlimited amount of parts for you. That means you have to only face one major setup, and then we can keep production going for as long as you need the part.

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Mold, Fixture & Tool Building

Mold, Fixture & Tool BuildingIn-house tool making capabilities

Producing a satisfactory and successful part always starts with the design and construction of an excellent tool. This is true in thermoforming as well as many other processes.

At Tru-Form Plastics, we consider the initial information exchange with the customer to be a critical phase in the project. Our engineers will want to know the part end use parameters to assist in determining the best tooling design and material selection for the application. These factors will go beyond expected volume, to include stressful environments such as chemicals, impact and temperature. We will want to know the part(s) relationship with mating parts, so features can be designed in to reduce assembly costs and improve product functionality.

The thermal efficiency and durability of aluminum make it the material of choice for production thermoforming tools. The nature of thermoforming combined with the longevity of the aluminum tool can yield an unlimited number of production parts. Aluminum tools with adequate temperature control will produce parts efficiently, with dimensional stability, and repeatable appearance from run to run.

Tru-Form Plastics constructs their machined aluminum thermoforming tools in-house based on customer supplied 3-D CAD part files. This capability provides economic advantages along with reduced lead times to tool completion. Also important, in-house tool making provides control during this crucial stage of the product development cycle.

In some instances, such as early market evaluations, considering a temporary or prototype tool may be advisable. Tru-Form Plastics engineers will be able to explain the tradeoffs of temporary tooling compared to going directly to a production tool for your application.