Flexibility First with Thermoforming

Thermoforming offers many benefits over other types of molding. And one of the most significant benefit is the flexibility it delivers. With thermoforming, manufacturers have a variety of options both pre-production and post to achieve their desired outcome, including:

  • Design: Your thermoforming vendor’s engineering and design teams can assess all the variables and requirements involved, develop design schematics, and create drafts to formulate the exact components needed to take your idea to execution.
  • Material Selection: A wide variety of materials can be used in thermoforming depending on the part being produced. Each different plastic has its own unique properties and benefits so your thermoformer will work with you to match the best material for your application.
  • Color and Texture: Depending on the look you want to achieve, thermoforming can produce parts to your exact specifications through the use of colored plastic material, silk screening, paint, and in-molded textures.
  • Finish: Your cosmetic requirements may also mean you need a certain finish. Fortunately, with thermofoming, you can achieve high-gloss, semi-gloss, and even metallic touches as an integral part of the manufacturing process.
  • Product Changes: Once complete, it’s easy to make changes to your design with thermoforming without big upfront costs so you can feel confident about making improvements.

The variety of options thermoforming offers yields advantages other processes can’t compete with, making it an ideal approach for any application.

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