How We Make the Parts That Make the Parts

How We Make the Parts That Make the Parts

Custom Design Tooling

Before we can start producing your unique plastic part or product, we must first create the machinery or tools to make that part. Each part for each client is unique, so we will need to design a new tool to make that part. Unlike some of our competitors, we make our tools out of durable aluminum in-house. That means the same designers who will be producing your part will also be involved in the process of creating the tools. In this way, we retain control and visibility to the entire process of your part creation.

This process also allows us to determine cost savings for you when possible. For example, if we will be producing mated parts for you, we can incorporate this into our tool design to make the process as efficient as possible. The beauty of using sturdy aluminum for our parts-making tools is that it allows us to make a nearly unlimited amount of parts for you. That means you have to only face one major setup, and then we can keep production going for as long as you need the part.

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