Plastic Face Shields

Protective Face Shield

Tru-Form Plastics is pleased to put its 30+ years of custom plastic thermoforming experience into providing face shields to the medical industry.

Each mask is made from PETG thermoplastic, the same plastic Tru-Form Plastics uses to make the protective packaging for medical devices used in operating rooms. The shield covers the entire face and may be reused after being sanitized. We can even customize the shields for your needs.


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Face Shield Options


3 Piece: 8.5″x12″ Shield w/.010 – .020″ Protective Plastic, 5″ Foam, 3/8″ Neoprene Head Strap.


4 Piece: 8.5″x12″ Shield w/.015″ Protective Plastic, 9.5″ Foam, 3/8″ Neoprene Head Strap, Plastic headband in clear, pink, black, blue, purple, gray.


3 Piece: 8.5″x12″ w/.030″ – .035″ Protective Plastic, 5″ Foam, 3/4″ Elastic Head Strap.

***Ask Us About Our Anti-Fog Coating Options***

Why Tru-Form Face Shields

Keep your employees and customers safe from bacteria and viruses with our plastic face shields. Face shields are more effective than face masks in protecting the wearer from infection, according to Dr. James Cherry, a UCLA infectious diseases expert. Face shields don’t itch and people are less likely to rub their eyes, infect themselves, and infect others if the wearer is contagious.

Why choose Tru-Form Plastics Face Shields?

  • Lightweight, which makes it easy to wear for long periods of time
  • Easy to breathe and does not fog up
  • The smaller foam pad provides additional ventilation
  • PETG material is used in medical/surgical device packaging and is specifically mentioned as one of the best materials for face shields by the FDA
  • PETG does not break down in UV light allowing for MUCH longer life than PVC and other materials
  • Plastic is more than twice as thick as other face shields making them more durable

Product Specifications

8.5” x 12” Plastic Shield. Face Shield from .010“ – .040” PETG or Similar Material (Used in Medical Device Packaging)

1 1/2” Soft, Open Cell Foam Forehead Cushion

3/8” to 3/4” Elastic or Neoprene Head Strap

Optional: Custom Screen Printed or Decal of Your Company Logo

Looking to customize your company face shield?

We can apply your company logo or name. Contact us to learn how!

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