It’s Time to Put in Your Final Orders for the Holidays

page-engineering-quality-largeThe major holiday buying season is upon us, which means that you need to be locked and loaded with your product inventory. Do you have enough products to meet demand? If not, then now is the time to put in those last-minute orders. You know that it always takes time to turn around orders. Plastic parts have to be thermoformed, trimmed, painted, and assembled. Your completed product must also be packaged and shipped to your warehouse.

Do not leave your biggest retailers hanging or undercut your bottom line by playing it too safe and running out of inventory. At Tru-Form Plastics, we can turn your orders around quickly, so you may still be able to make the December rush. Double check your numbers, and if you need to put in an order, don’t hesitate. We can move quickly and provide painting, fabrication, assembly, and printing to save you time and money during the holiday rush!