Pack and Ship: Thermoforming Doesn’t End with Forming

Depending on the thermoformer, a company can gain access to much more than just design and production capabilities. Some thermoforming manufacturers offer a complete array of secondary services for one-stop-shop convenience, such as custom packing and shipping, all under one roof.

If you’re looking for a thermoforming partner, here are some things to ask about their distribution capabilities:

  • Inspection: Once the product is ready to go out the door, ask if your thermoformer conducts a complete inspection of the product beforehand.
  • Customized Packaging: Check to see if the thermoformer provides customized packaging to prevent damage to your finished parts.
  • Direct Shipping: If you want your products to go straight to the end user, see if your thermoforming partner will ship directly.
  • Global Reach: Depending on where you need your parts to go, you may want to find out if your thermoformer can ship globally and understands any requirements for doing so.

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