Personal Protective Equipment

Tru-Form Personal Protective Equipment

Face shields vs. Face masks:

Which one is right for my business?

Face shields are better than face masks because shields don’t itch and people are less likely to rub their eyes, infect themselves, and infect others if the wearer is contagious.

Providing face shields to your colleagues and employees not only helps keep them safe, but also increases workers’ confidence, improves organizational morale, and sends a message to the public that your organization is acting responsibly.

The benefits of using a face shield can also include:

  • Reducing risk and worry in the workplace
  • Extremely lightweight
  • More comfortable to wear for longer periods of time compared to a mask
  • Easier to breathe in than face masks
  • Anti-fog protection

Sani-Shield Barriers

How do barriers help my business?

Our Sani-Shields allow businesses to stay open while protecting employees and customers. They are durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while retaining similar optical qualities.

The Sani-Shield Plastic Barrier helps maintain social distancing in high volume environments like gas stations, salons & spas, offices, bars, retail stores, and so much more.

The benefits of using the Sani-Shield include:

    • Reduce risk and worry in the workplace for your employees and customers
    • Made with PETG materials
    • Compliant with social distancing guidelines in high volume offices & storefronts
    • Reducing the transmission of germs
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Customizable sizes for various desk areas and counters

Why Tru-Form Plastics?

Tru-Form Plastics has been providing custom plastic medical device packaging to the largest medical companies in the world for decades. We collaborated with doctors and nurses to create the face shields to their standards. This gives you the best product to protect your employees and customers. Here is what makes our shields different from others:

We use Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol:
Commonly known as PETG or PET-G; it’s a thermoplastic polyester that is used as the material to protect sterilized medical devices

PETG does not break down in UV light:
This allows a much longer life than PVC and other materials

Our face shields are more durable:
TFP face shields are more than twice as thick as competitor face shields

We offer competitive pricing:
Our modern manufacturing and assembly facilities are located right here in the USA. We buy high volumes of PETG plastic, use modern, high-speed machines to create the face shields, and have experienced assemblers following ISO quality assurance procedures.

The Tru-Form Face Shield

Why we’re different.

Neoprene Head Strap

Less intrusive and more stable than an elastic head strap; the neoprene head strap can also be cleaned with soap and water and will last longer than elastic.

It also comes in different colors!

The Plastic Shield

Lighter than other competitors, our plastic shields are made with PETG material. They last longer, feel lighter, and can be sanitized after each use.

Foam Adhesive Forehead Cushion

Allows air in so that the shield doesn’t fog up, breathe more easily, and has more protection from the side. This extra protection allows the face shield to come closer to the head at the top for a different type of protection. Other features include:

  • Head foam is 1 ½”, compared to others that are 1”
  • More room for masks and other PPE
  • Increased overall ventilation, reducing the possibility of fogging

Looking to customize your company face shield?

We can apply your company logo or name. Contact us to learn how!

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