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Panel for Medical Test Equipment Enclosure

  • Sidewall undercut provides location for logo graphics
  • Debossed area gives added label protection from wear and edge lifting
  • Stepped down feature on left of part provides underlap/overlap alignment and flush surface appearance with mating part

Panel With Molded Vent Openings

  • Vent slots are formed by male protrusions on female tool then milled open on CNC
  • Tooled surface on outside of parts shows finished rather than trimmed edge
  • Inside view depicts milling to open vent – rib (stiffening) shows as formed condition prior to milling open vent


  • Polycarbonate material provides durability in harsh outdoor environments
  • Material complies with frequency/wavelength transmission requirements
  • Minimal wall thickness variation enhances transmission reliability

Keyboard Cover

  • Tinted material allows ‘see through’ with subtle masking of covered keyboard
  • Formed undercut provides tooled surface land with keyboard base
  • Radius at transition from sidewall to inward flange creates ‘finger friendly’ lift surface for cover

Medical Control Panel Two-Piece Enclosure

  • Perimeter undercut on both parts creates precise fit
  • Top part undercut has .040″ offset for a uniform ‘style line’
  • Bottom part undercut provides tooled surface ‘land’ for positive positioning with top

Lens For Lighting Optical Assembly

  • Clear lens is part of high-efficiency, energy-saving optical system
  • Impact modified acrylic improves durability while maintaining optical performance characteristics
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