Design Intent

Tru-Form’s Design & Collaboration Process

  • Establish a creative basis for innovation
  • The design process begins with a full engineering review that combines all aspects of the package:
    • Analyze your company, brand, technology and competitive environment.
    • Understand the market and/or and manufacturing challenges.
    • Review the device’s function or the product’s protection or the brand’s attributes; review the benefits, strategy, and plans.
    • Analyze the users’ beliefs and perceptions; consider all users of the product.
    • Develop a list of parameters, budget, life cycle, deconstruction and an agreed timeline.
    • Benchmark all the solution criteria, i.e., protection requirements, the packaging process
  • Design and refine with sustainable saterials and/or deconstruction top of mind
    • Visualize, Internalize, Realize – Rapid ideation sessions + innovation is collaboration
    • Industrial design concepts with input from all stakeholders.
    • Initial concepts are broad and compared to objectives.
    • Selected design solutions are logical and pathways are refined.
    • Possible end user tests on specific designs in order to attain needs based feedback.
    • User feedback then implemented into the solution, Turn Key prototyping.
    • Our design team has many decades of thermoforming tool design experience. We are deep with talent. Using team knowledge of tooling and manufacturing disciplines.
    • In-house Concurrent Design and Engineering Environment
    • Powerful 3D Parametric CAD/CAM Systems
      • CAD/CAM Workstations Utilizing Siemens “NX” Software
    • Web-based Collaboration Tools for Direct Communication
    • CAM Simulation Software Enabling Lights Out Machining
      • Vericut Workstations (Simulates, Verifies and Optimizes CNC Machining)
    • Tools Designed with Master Tooling – Universal
    • Quality and speed-to-market are key
  • Final design
    • Once objectives, testing and budget are met, move to production.
  • Quality 

    Today’s manufacturers are fervidly focused on their environmental effects and are making efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle and so is this designer. Rising energy and raw material costs may make these eco-friendly steps particularly appealing because of their cost efficiency and fingerprint to the Earth. Sustainability and reuse is a must, the terms have linked environmentally friendly practices with business efficiency. The Sustainable Design System is beneficial, safe, and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle. The Sustainable Design Solution meets all market criteria for performance, cost, and reuse. Materials are sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled or reused using renewable energy. Awakened Innovation maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials.

    Designs are manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices. Design solutions are made from materials healthy in all probable end-of-life scenarios. Our designs effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial cradle-to-cradle cycles and all the users in the product cycle.