Need to Increase Speed to Market? Let Us Assemble Your Plastic Pieces

As the holidays approach, speed to market will be a critical component to your company’s success. The faster you can get your products manufactured and assembled, the faster you can get them onto store shelves or into your warehouses for shipping to customers.

One of the best ways to increase speed to market is to streamline your vendor processes and to cut unnecessary vendors from your manufacturing chain. The more vendors involved in your product’s creation and assembly, the greater the turnaround for the product and the increased chance of mistakes and surprise delays.

At Tru-Form Plastics, we want to help you increase your speed to market. That’s why we not only offer thermoplastic manufacturing services. We can also trim, machine, fabricate, bond, and even assemble your plastic parts in our warehouses. You’ll only have to deal with one project coordinator, instead of a dozen different vendors, which will make your job easier too.

Give your product a competitive edge! Call us to learn more about our plastic manufacturing and turn-key solutions today.

What Do We Do with Left Over Plastic

assembly-fabrication-thumbThe thermoforming process we use to create plastic components for our clients starts with large, flat sheets of plastic that we heat and then add pressure to in order to form the components. The excess plastic is then trimmed away to complete the plastic component. What happens to all of this excess plastic that we trim away?

We know that many people are concerned about how plastic interacts with the environment, because it takes a long time to break down naturally. That is why at Tru-Form Plastics, we make an effort to reground and re-use all of our excess plastic. When we can, we reprocess this excess plastic so that we convert it into new sheets that we can use on our next project.

This recycling system makes good business sense but also helps us keep plastic out of landfills. We know our clients appreciate the fact that creating their plastic components doesn’t result in a lot of wasted plastic!