Teaming for Innovation

When developing solutions, manufacturers should team with their thermoformer on technologies and best practices to meet cost, time, and performance criteria. Here are some key points for collaboration:

  • Engineering: The thermoformer should analyze your product’s function, brand attributes, user perceptions, and strategic plan to develop a list of parameters.
  • Budget: Be sure to share with your thermoformer your budget and other financial considerations that can impact production decisions.
  • Packaging: The thermoforming company should have access to critical information about the product’s protection needs and packaging process.
  • Timing: Speed to market can be essential so make sure you reach an agreed-upon timeline with your thermoformer since the timeline often affects design choices.
  • Concepts: The thermoformer you choose should work collaboratively with stakeholders on design concepts, soliciting feedback to implement into the final solution.

By teaming with your thermoformer on the design process, you’ll realize a final product that furthers your company and brand in today’s tight market.

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