The Best Tool Material? Aluminum

Producing a successful part with thermoforming starts with the construction of an excellent tool. To kick off a tool’s design, your thermoformer should seek to understand the part’s end-use parameters. In addition to basics like volume, other important elements to consider include environmental stressors such as chemicals, impact, and temperature, as well as the part’s relationship with mating parts.

During this investigative phase, the thermoformer will use the information shared to determine the best tooling design and material selection for the application. And more often than not, aluminum is the material of choice. Why? Here are five big benefits of an aluminum tool:

  • Durability: The nature of thermoforming combined with the longevity of aluminum can yield an unlimited number of production parts.
  • Efficiency: Aluminum tools with adequate temperature control will produce parts efficiently.
  • Consistency: With aluminum tools, you’ll realize a repeatable appearance from run to run.
  • Dimensional Stability: Aluminum tools offers much better dimensional stability and precision.
  • Cost Savings: By producing machined aluminum thermoforming tools in house, customers can see reduced costs and lead times.

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