Ultrasonic Welding: What Is It, and How Is It Used?

When you think of welding, you might imagine a burly man lowering a huge, metal welding mask over his face, putting on thick gloves, and then sparking his welder so that he can melt two chunks of metal together. This works perfectly when it comes to joining metal pieces, but what if you need to join small plastic pieces together? You can’t exactly use a traditional welder for that, but you also don’t really want to just glue or nail your plastic pieces together!

In the plastic industry, we have our own form of welding, called ultra-sonic welding. It’s actually very cool. Using the power of high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibration, we can create enough pressure between two pieces of plastic to actually weld them together. If you think about all of the complicated devices you own that incorporate plastic, like your phone, your refrigerator, and your computer, it is likely that ultrasonic welding was used to fit at least some of those plastic parts together.

At Tru-Form Plastics, we can perform ultrasonic welding to help create the plastic pieces that you need!