What to Look for in a Thermoformer

When you’re selecting a thermoformer, consider looking for a partner that offers turn-key services to optimize your efficiencies and savings. Among the key processes a full-service thermoformer can offer are:

  • In House Molding: Your thermoformer should have the pre-production experience to take your idea from prototype to production.
  • Machining: Precise manufacturing is critical so look for a thermoformer with the latest equipment and up to date industry standards for quality performance.
  • Trimming: Integrated CNC trimming will ensure delicate details and close tolerances for consistent, accurate parts every time.
  • Finishing: For cosmetic enhancements, identify a partner with expertise in material selection, color, texture, paint, and other details for a part that meets your specific needs.
  • Fabrication: It’s best to find a thermoformer who utilizes advancements like ultrasonic welding to join plastic pieces together, especially small ones.
  • Assembly:  If you have a more complex project, the ideal thermoformer will offer multi-part assembly.
  • Packing and shipping: Look for a vendor that will custom pack your items to prevent damage and ship them, using bar coding that aligns with your objectives.

By using this checklist as a guide, you’ll be able to choose the right thermoformer for a complete part that meets your expectations– no matter how complex.

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