Can Foam Be Thermoformed? Yep.

Can Foam Be Thermoformed? Yep.

A variety of plastic materials can be used in thermoforming, including foams such as those made from polystyrene, polyethylene and polyurethane. In fact, since it’s durable, absorbs sound and impact well, and is relatively inexpensive, foam is a popular material choice.

Thermoformers can form both open and closed cell foam:

  • Open Cell: This foam, which consists of cells that are joined together, is a softer and more flexible selection.
  • Closed Cell: This firmer type of foam has cells that are separate from each other and don’t compress. It’s an ideal option if adhesives or coatings will be used.

The type of foam used depends on a client’s needs, but both are commonly utilized for their advantages in a variety of industries, such as packaging, marine, electronics, automotive, aerospace, retail, and food.

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