Innovation In Custom Thermoforming

The Tru-Form Plastics team of in-house engineers turns customers’ ideas into packaging solutions for B2B and B2C applications across industries.

We thrive on finding new ways to enhance current designs and bring new ideas to our customers. Our work is supported by robust engineering, tooling, and manufacturing systems.

3-Part Process In Custom Thermoforming

  • STEP 1

    Establish A Creative Basis For Innovation

    • Analyze your company, brand, and competitive environment
    • Understand your manufacturing and sales challenges
    • Review your brand’s attributes, benefits, strategy and plan
    • Analyze end user beliefs and perceptions
    • Develop a list of project parameters
    • Create a budget for approval
    • Map the product life cycle
    • Create and manage the project timeline
    • Benchmark all solution criteria

  • STEP 2

    Engineer And Refine

    • Rapid conceptualization
    • Initial concepts mapped to your objectives
    • Refinement of selected engineering solutions and pathways
    • End user testing of specific designs for needs-based feedback
    • Turn-key prototyping
    • Final configuration

  • STEP 3

    Move to Production

    • Assessment of facilities and equipment to produce the parts
    • Product safety and safe handling of product
    • Identification of in-process inspection or verification points
    • Definition of criteria for the review and approval of the processes
    • Qualification of personnel who will be manufacturing the parts
    • Validation of process (IQ, OQ, PQ, or PPAP), as required by customer
    • Verification of product (First Article Inspection)

Tru-Form Plastics: A Quality Culture

Our culture promotes the behavior, attitudes, activities and processes that deliver value and quality to our customers.

Ways Tru-Form Plastics Earns Customer Trust


Applies decades of experience to a collaborative approach


Embraces difficult assignments


Delivers logical solution and innovation


Speeds products to market faster by passing validation the first time


Innovation In Custom Thermoforming