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When searching for a plastic thermoforming partner, you seek a company that stands out from the rest; that’s the essence of the TFP difference. Our journey from a modest workshop to a leader in providing custom thermoforming solutions has been driven by this singular focus: to differentiate ourselves through expertise and a relentless commitment to quality. With Tru-Form Plastics, discover a partnership that goes beyond standard offerings to deliver specialized and innovative results. Here is where you’ll find what sets us apart in the world of plastic thermoforming, and it’s precisely what makes the TFP difference so impactful.


Table of Contents:
• History of Tru-Form Plastics
• Thermoforming Capabilities
• Industry Expertise
• Why Choose Tru-Form Plastics?
• Our Commitment to Quality

Custom Thermoforming Solutions

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Custom Thermoforming Solutions

History of Tru-Form Plastics

From Humble Beginnings to Thermoforming Excellence 

Founded in 1959, Tru-Form Plastics began as a dedicated manufacturer of heavy gauge thermoformed plastic parts. With a commitment to quality and innovation, TFP quickly established itself as a trusted partner in the plastics industry. 

The Sahm Family’s Visionary Leadership 

In 1974, the Sahm family acquired Tru-Form Plastics under the entrepreneurial spirit of Roland Sahm, who had been leading Elixiri Industries since 1948. This acquisition marked the beginning of a significant evolution. Starting with just eight employees in an 8,000-square-foot facility in the City of Industry, California, the Sahm family expanded TFP’s horizons, adding new machinery, capabilities, and a workforce that propelled the company to the forefront of custom plastic thermoforming. 

Growth and Diversification with InterTrade Industries 

One year later, in 1975, InterTrade Industries was founded, signaling a diversification that would enrich the company’s expertise. Specializing in vacuum forming of heavy gauge plastics, InterTrade Industries introduced services like in-house tooling and CNC machining, laying the groundwork for complex product designs and multiphase assembly processes. 

Expansion and Acquisition: Enhancing Capabilities 

2005 was a landmark year with TFP expanding to a 50,000-square-foot facility in Gardena, California, and InterTrade Industries’ acquisition by American Innotek. This era saw TFP broaden its scope to include high-level assembly and finishing services, such as painting and silk screening, thereby enhancing the aesthetic and functional qualities of its products. 

The Era of Strategic Mergers 

In 2009, TFP’s parent company acquired Plastic Concept Inc. to provide high speed thin gauge thermoforming, doubling manufacturing space and fortifying tooling capabilities. This move was complemented by the acquisition of Advanced Thermoforming Enterprises in 2013, further cementing TFP’s authority in plastic medical device manufacturing and packaging. 

A New Chapter with the Goode Family 

2015 ushered in new leadership as the Goode family took the reins, with Jim Goode as President. Under their guidance, InterTrade Industries expanded into a 74,000-square-foot facility in Westminster, streamlining operations by consolidating PCI and ATE into the modern plant they reside in today. 

A United Front: Tru-Form Plastics Today 

Fast-forward to 2018, when TFP merged with InterTrade Industries, culminating in a dynamic synergy of four specialized thermoforming companies. Together, they operate under the dba “Tru-Form Plastics,” with a singular brand that stands for expertise, dependability, and innovation. This strategic merger streamlined operations and expanded the company’s expertise, attracting new customers in the medical, aerospace, and automotive sectors.

Evolving with the Market: The TFP Edge 

Throughout its history, TFP has embraced change, transitioning from commodity thermoforming to tackling “tough assignments” that demand precise tolerances and validations. The company has carved a niche in markets like medical, aerospace, defense, automotive/EV, and automated manufacturing, emphasizing complex, value-added thermoformed products. 

Forging Ahead: The Future of TFP 

Looking to the future, Tru-Form Plastics aims to fortify its long-term partnerships based on flexibility, quality, and timely delivery. With the dynamic team they have in place, TFP is poised to continue its legacy of responsiveness, high quality, and on-time delivery.

Thermoforming Capabilities

At Tru-Form Plastics, the journey from concept to creation in thermoforming is driven by understanding customers’ needs, designing tooling for manufacturability, and delivering solutions on time. Our adept team leverages decades of industry wisdom to tailor custom manufacturing solutions, addressing the full spectrum of our clients’ needs. We excel in transforming flat, two-dimensional plastic sheets into complex, three-dimensional products, guided by the skillful application of heat, vacuum, and pressure. 

Learn more about our thermoforming process. 

Each project begins with meticulous design and mold creation – where our expertise shines. Our versatile capabilities include heavy gauge vacuum forming, ideal for aerospace, defense, and automotive applications and medical equipment, and high-speed thin gauge pressure forming for medical device packaging. With the ability to produce parts with less than .060” thickness and sizes extending up to 5’x9′, we’re able to handle a diverse range of material specifications and design complexities. Our commitment to flexibility means we can accommodate production quantities ranging from prototypes to runs exceeding thousands, all while ensuring exceptional quality. 

With a full suite of fabrication services, Tru-Form Plastics doesn’t just shape parts; we also provide comprehensive assembly and fabrication. This includes integrating intricate details such as threaded inserts, metal brackets, and custom fasteners, ensuring functional and assembly-ready components. Our 5-axis CNC trimming machinery precisely trims every part to exact standards. 

Equipped with robust tool-making capabilities and in-house engineering insight, we respond to design alterations swiftly and cost-effectively, ensuring your product evolves as quickly as the market demands. Whether you require plastic packaging for sterilized medical devices, rugged enclosures for medical equipment, or durable parts for aerospace and defense, Tru-Form Plastics is your partner in crafting thermoformed parts that surpass expectations. By incorporating in-house tooling and precision trimming into our workflow, we elevate the quality and detail of your products to a new level. 

We invite you to experience the benefits of our AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified quality assurance and commitment to delivering assembly-ready solutions in your next thermoforming project with us. Discover the difference of a comprehensive service that spans from initial design to final fabrication at Tru-Form Plastics. 

Custom Thermoforming Solutions
Custom Thermoforming Solutions

Industry Expertise 

Tru-Form Plastics proudly provides engineering, production, assembly, and distribution solutions for the following industries: 


  • Medical procedure trays, sterile barrier packaging, and medical device packaging for applications including plastic surgery, trauma, OB/GYN, angiography, ophthalmology, general surgery, anesthesia, orthopedics, and ENT 
  • Value-added custom assembly and fabrication services 



  • ITAR-compliant field units and handling containers 


  • Interior components and exterior parts, including those for the electric vehicle (EV) industry 
  • Flexible custom thermoforming allows us to vary thickness by part based on temperature changes 


  • Custom trays for safe handling of semiconductors, from small components to entire printed circuit boards 
  • Material operations include PVC and high-impact polystyrene; embedded or coated antistatic solutions available to prevent electrostatic discharge 


  • Custom-engineered handling tray solutions include injection molded components, work-in-progress pieces, prefilled syringes, auto-injectors, pharmaceutical bottles, and medical electronics 

Our Commitment to Quality 

Quality underpins every aspect of our operations. With certifications in both AS9100 and ISO 9001, our emphasis on quality assurance integrates rigorous standards into our processes, ensuring we deliver high-value custom thermoforming services. We pride ourselves on achieving high quality scores from globally established companies, reflecting our role as a custom thermoformer of choice for many Fortune 500 Companies. 

Our commitment to quality starts with our advanced thermal vacuum/pressure forming and precision mold-making processes. Tailored plastic fabrication techniques ensure each product is made to precise specifications. We adopt specific inspection procedures for every industry we serve, which means every component we craft aligns with the high standards our clients expect. 

Our quality measures are exacting and comprehensive. We utilize sophisticated tools such as the FARO Digitizing Arm for detailed inspections. Each part is subjected to a First Article Inspection (FAI) to confirm conformance to requirements, and ongoing validation checks during production runs maintain consistency and excellence. 

Our Quality Management System reflects our commitment to continuous improvement, with every team member involved in enhancing products, customer service, and operational efficiency. Recognizing that quality is a continuous journey, we are always refining our processes and outcomes. 

We are dedicated to on-time delivery of quality products complemented by superior customer service. Building relationships based on performance and trust is key to our operations. The partnerships we form are central to our business and a reflection of the success our customers achieve through our products. 

Looking forward, Tru-Form Plastics continues to prioritize responsiveness, flexibility, and dependability while maintaining a heritage of quality. We offer a partnership that goes beyond satisfaction to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Choose Tru-Form Plastics and discover a new standard in plastic manufacturing excellence. 

Custom Thermoforming Solutions

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