Mold, Fixture, & Tool Building

Mold, Fixture, & Tool Building In Custom Thermoforming

Tru-Form Plastics has extensive in-house tool-making capabilities to support successful custom thermoforming projects.

Tru-Form Plastics has extensive in-house tool-making capabilities. Our engineers lead discovery sessions and assist manufacturers in determining the best tooling configuration and material selection for an application. DFM (Design For Manufacturability) and in-house prototyping services provide the client with valuable input for making final design decisions. Parts we create help reduce assembly costs and improve product functionality.

Tru-Form is your thermoforming partner for all your mold, fixture, and tool building needs.

Advantages of In-House Tooling

Tru-Form builds all our tools to comply with the most stringent industry standards. Our tools are made from aluminum billet, which allows for temperature control for optimal part production, dimensional stability, and repeatable appearance. Aluminum tools can yield an unlimited number of production parts.

Tru-Form’s machined aluminum thermoforming tools provide economic advantages and reduced lead times for tool completion. Our in-house toolmaking provides better control during each stage of the product development cycle.

In-House Tooling Key to Success

Producing a successful part starts with the engineering and construction of an excellent tool. Ask us how we can help with your next project. Talk to Sales

Prototype Tooling

At Tru-Form, we make prototype parts along with trim fixtures for projects requiring five-axis trimming operations. Our engineers are experts at producing temporary tooling and metal tooling for your application.