CNC Trimming of Thermoformed Parts

Expert Thermoformed Part Trimming with 5-Axis CNC Machinery

All heavy gauge plastic thermoformed parts require some trimming, polishing, or cutting after they’re formed in the mold. At Tru-Form Plastics, all of our heavy gauge parts are precisely trimmed using 5-axis CNC router mills, producing parts with close tolerances.

There are many advantages utilizing CNC robotics for thermoformed part trimming, including:

  • Automation – Less human contact increases safety, reduces defects, and improves efficiency.
  • Precision – 5-axis CNC machining is extremely accurate and can produce repeatable, precisely trimmed parts.
  • Reduced lead time – CNC trimming is fast, efficient, and operates continuously.
  • Flexibility – Design changes can be made easily and with zero to little impact on process efficiency.

Perfect Thermoformed Parts Made Every Time

Quality machinery is essential to the trimming process. At Tru-Form, we use a vacuum system to hold your formed pre-finished part against a custom detailed trimming fixture. We then program a CNC path to cut the finished part geometry with our 5-axis router. The result is a perfectly formed part made by thermoforming experts.

Looking to create professionally trimmed thermoformed parts? Contact Tru-Form today to learn more.

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