Custom Thermoforming Machinery Offers
a Wide Range of Capabilities

Custom Thermoforming Machinery Offers a Wide Range of Capabilities

At Tru-Form Plastics, we use numerous well-maintained machines that enable us to offer extensive thermoforming capabilities across many heavy gauge and thin gauge applications. The experts at Tru-Form have the expertise and technology to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

We have machinery for processes including:

  • Heavy Gauge Thermoforming – This includes manufacturing parts such as aftermarket automotive accessories, diagnostic equipment enclosures, aerospace cabin interiors and various plastic components for the defense industry.
  • Thin Gauge Thermoforming – This is primarily used to manufacture containers, lids, trays, and other products for the food, medical, and retail industries.

Custom Thermoforming Machinery & Capabilities

8 Heavy Gauge Custom Thermoforming Machines

  • F2-A/B double end 36×60
  • F3 single 36×48
  • F4-A/B double side by side 36×48
  • F5-A/B double side by side 36×48
  • F6 single 48×72
  • F7 single 48×72
  • F8 single 48×48
  • F10 single 60×108

5 Thin Gauge Custom Thermoforming Machines

  • Sencorp 2200 19×22
  • Sencorp 2500 32×32
  • Sencorp 2525 30×30
  • Armac hybrid 32×32
  • Sencorp White ultra 34×50


  • 6 routers (5 axis)
  • 3 steel rule die punch presses
  • 1 steel rule 30×60 punch press

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