Community Engagement

Tru-Form Plastics
Community Engagement

Tru-Form Plastics in the Community 2021

  • Blue Cross blood drive hosted at our manufacturing facility in Westminster, California.
  • 37,000 face shields and medical supplies donated to the Tri-Cities Medical Center
  • 120,000 face shields donated to teachers and students across these school districts: Buena Park School La Habra, Lowell Joint, Savanna, Cypress and Centralia.

“Thank you for the 20,000 face masks, valued at $50,000, that you have donated to Lowell Joint School District, located in the southwest portion of Los Angeles County and northwestern portion of Orange County. It has been in existence since 1906. It is committed to providing a strong academic program of basic skills with a well-rounded program of traditional subject offerings.”

Jim Coombs, Superintendent of Schools

Tru-Form Plastics Enters the Race to Help Build Remote-Controlled Fuel Cell Race Cars

We partnered with students from Edison H.S. to provide a thermoformed racecar body designed by the students.

Community Spotlight: Donating Face Shields to Teachers and Students

Superintendent Dr. Ramon Miramontes holds one of 37,000 face shields donated to Buena Park School District by Tru-Form Plastics.

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