The Role of QA in Thermoforming Perfection

The Role of QA in Thermoforming Perfection

A thermoformer’s engineering team can provide a range of advice and technical support to create solutions that meet your needs and those of the marketplace. One of the most important stages where the engineering team’s involvement can be vital is quality assurance.

With their guidance, some activities a QA team can conduct to promote uniform dimensional accuracy, structural integrity, and cosmetic consistency throughout all in-process and finished parts and assemblies include:

  • Documentation: A skilled and experienced QA department should fully review, monitor, and document pre-defined quality requirements throughout the thermoforming process.
  • Measurement: The quality assurance department should have at its disposal a full range of measurement equipment, including FARO Arm, color measurement, digital calipers, tint meters and more state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Inspections: A quality assurance department should be leveraged to provide in-process and final inspections to customers for ease of mind.

As you investigate thermoformers, ask about their engineering capabilities in quality assurance, their commitment to total quality management, and how they address any non-conformance.

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