Thermoforming High-Quality Components for the Aerospace Industry

Thermoforming High-Quality Components for the Aerospace Industry

Thermoforming High-Quality Components for the Aerospace Industry

Injection-molded components for the aerospace industry demand high precision and reliability, and thermoformed components are no different. Thermoforming has a lower total cost and reduced development time compared to other more expensive and time-consuming processes, like injection molding. When the aerospace industry requires quality parts made effectively and efficiently, they turn to the thermoforming experts at Tru-Form to get the job done right.

Benefits Of Thermoforming Aerospace Components

Thermoforming has been gaining popularity in the aerospace industry, as it is more uniquely suited for those types of applications. Thermoformed aerospace components are ideal for a wide variety of industry applications, such as:

  • Seating and cabin interiors for airplane lavatories
  • Seatbacks
  • Window shades
  • Overhead light switches
  • Fan switches
  • Decorative plastic in the bulkhead
  • Commercial and private aircraft seating

These are just a few of the thermoformed components Tru-Form has manufactured for the aerospace industry; they offer many advantages compared to plastic injection molding, such as:

  • Lower total cost – Lighter, more affordable materials factor into the overall lower price of thermoformed aerospace components. Thermoform tooling can also be produced at a cost that is just 25-50% of the investment needed for injection molding tooling.
  • Lightweight material – Thermoplastic resin can be up to 40% lighter than other types of material, which is ideal for aerospace applications.
  • Faster turnaround time – Lighter thermoplastic material allows for faster and more efficient operations, with lead times as little as 4-6 weeks.
  • Flexibility of design – Plastic thermoforming enables higher design flexibility, allowing more complex parts to be manufactured in less time and at a lower price point.


Aerospace Components We’ve Manufactured

Tru-Form has built a wide range of products for the aerospace industry, and businesses trust our knowledge and expertise. As an AS9100 company, we incorporate several processes that are important to our aerospace customers, such as full material traceability and complete part verification with the FAI process.

We utilize the highest-quality materials for our thermoformed parts that combine high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures with long-term heat resistance. These materials include Kydex, Boltaron, Ultem (Polyetherimide), and Polycarbonate/Lexan.

Here are just a few instances where our team of experts has helped aerospace customers over the years:

An aerospace customer was awarded a regional jet program and came to Tru-Form to make more than 200 tools. Tru-Form designed the tools in-house and properly stored and maintained the tooling while the customer awaited the start of production.

An aerospace customer decided to outsource their thermoforming operations and transferred work to Tru-Form. Our team was able to use their existing tools to produce their parts more efficiently and precisely within their tolerances than their internal team.

An aerospace customer needed an additional part designed, formed, and trimmed within five days of an aerospace trade show in Hamburg, Germany. Tru-Form got the request at 4:45 pm on a Friday and had the finished part to them the next Thursday.

Tru-Form’s ability to help all our aerospace customers, no matter how big or small, has allowed us to stand out as leaders in the industry. We continuously strive to solve problems our customers may be experiencing and find the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Tru-Form’s Thermoforming Quality Assurance

Tru-Form Plastics is a trusted custom thermoforming company focused on optimized processes for devices and automated manufacturing industries. With our 100 years of combined experience amongst a dynamic team of thermoforming experts, we offer efficient design for manufacturability, prototyping, production, assembly, and on-time delivery. We are an AS9100 and ISO 9001:2015 company that develops engineered solutions for some of the most complex aerospace applications. We have the capabilities and capacity to quickly adjust to the needs of companies to take on low-volume, high mix, and high-volume, low mix projects.

Interested in learning more about Tru-Form’s thermoforming capabilities for the aerospace industry? Contact us today to get a quote for your next project.