Ensuring Thermoforming Quality at Tru-Form Plastics 

Ensuring Thermoforming Quality at Tru-Form Plastics 

At Tru-Form Plastics, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality thermoformed products to a variety of industries, including the medical, aerospace, automotive, and commercial sectors. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in every step of our manufacturing process, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Let’s explore how Tru-Form Plastics maintains these high standards through rigorous quality control measures, tailored inspection procedures, a culture of continuous improvement, and a holistic approach to quality management.

Establishing and Maintaining High Standards 

Tru-Form Plastics is committed to continuous improvement throughout the supply chain and our processes, with an emphasis on exceeding customer expectations. We confirm each detail during the manufacturing process to ensure everything is meeting or surpassing customer expectations in both final and in-process inspection stages. This dedication to quality ensures we consistently deliver top-notch products. 

Tailored Inspection Procedures 

Developing appropriate inspection procedures is a critical aspect of our quality management. During the contract review process, we carefully review the information provided by the client. This enables us to implement a comprehensive quality plan. Critical customer-defined characteristics are thoroughly inspected, and a capability analysis is completed to confirm full compliance. This tailored approach applies to all our customers, whether in the medical, aerospace, automotive, or commercial sectors. 

Demonstrating Exceptional Thermoforming Quality 

Our commitment to quality is evident in the satisfaction of our customers. For example, with a leading medical equipment company we worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements, leading to improvements in the machining process to reduce variability. Additionally, we implemented a poka-yoke tool to ensure zero defects are delivered to the customer, demonstrating our ability to provide exceptional thermoforming quality. 

First Article Inspection (FAI) 

First Article Inspection (FAI) is a crucial step in our quality assurance process. Once machine setup and tooling installation are complete, our quality control team thoroughly inspects the first processed unit to confirm process acceptance. The quality control inspector emphasizes critical dimensions, which are established process controls that help maintain product quality throughout production. 

Advanced Measurement Tools: The FARO Digitizing Arm 

The FARO Digitizing Arm is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) device used during our quality control process to measure key geometric characteristics of thermoformed components. This tool ensures dimensions meet required specifications. By using the native zero-referenced 3D Model Based Definition (MBD) application, measurements are collected and compared to the 3D model for acceptance purposes. The FARO Digitizing Arm offers high measurement accuracy and repeatability, making it invaluable for molded part inspection, tool validation, certification, reverse engineering, CAD comparison, and dimensional analysis. 

Additional Quality Control Measures 

In addition to FAI, Tru-Form uses Statistical Process Control (SPC) data analysis tools to confirm customer-requested process control and fit test validation procedures. Hypothesis testing analysis can be performed to measure process variation from tool to tool, cavity to cavity, and part to part, ensuring that process variability remains within customer parameters. 

Comprehensive Quality Management 

Quality management at Tru-Form is integrated into every stage of production, from design to final inspection, packaging, and shipment. Our quality management team is involved from the initial contract review to the development of quality plans and inspection processes. This comprehensive approach ensures we consistently maintain high standards and deliver products that meet stringent quality requirements. 

Promoting a Culture of Quality 

Tru-Form promotes a culture of quality by internally communicating key process indicators daily. This encourages our team to continually improve results and increase customer satisfaction. We implement continuous improvement efforts, such as lean or kaizen projects, to reduce or eliminate non-value activities and process variations. Additionally, a quarterly recognition program celebrates the improvement efforts of Tru-Form employees, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. 

Commitment to Timely Delivery and Customer Service 

Our production schedule is reviewed several weeks in advance to anticipate and address any potential obstacles to meeting customer demand on time. We maintain close communication with customers to confirm order acceptance and shipping schedules. Monthly customer scorecards are used to identify areas for improvement, enhancing our ability to meet customer needs and increase satisfaction. 

Continuously Improving Our Quality Management System 

Tru-Form is committed to continuously improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our Quality Management System (QMS). We conduct regular internal and process audits to ensure its effectiveness. Key process indicator metrics are established to monitor efficiency. With our new QMS software, we can track and improve key process indicators such as training, maintenance, supplier evaluation, document control, calibration, response to corrective actions, and cost of poor quality. 


Tru-Form Plastics is committed to delivering high-quality thermoformed products through meticulous processes and a culture of continuous improvement. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner in the thermoforming industry. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can meet your specific needs. 

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