Offering Support for 2020 Thermoforming Projects

Offering Support for 2020 Thermoforming Projects

Engineering and design teams collaborate with clients for customized, competitive solutions.

WESTMINSTER, Calif., December 12, 2019 – As the year comes to a close, many companies are already developing product ideas for 2020 and beyond. The development phase is an ideal time for Tru-Form Plastics to engage and provide a wide range of planning assistance for all types of thermoforming projects in the medical, aerospace, consumer product, automotive and other industries.

Tru-Form Plastics takes a comprehensive approach to preproduction project planning, addressing issues with form, fit or manufacturability from the outset to make sure the end product meets the needs of the marketplace. Among the support Tru-Form Plastics provides companies at the initial stages of development include:

  • Out-of-the-Box Solutions: Tru-Form Plastics’ team of engineers work with clients to provide design advice and technical support for the most innovative solutions.
  • Tool Building: The team at Tru-Form Plastics advises clients on the best tool design for various applications as well as specific attributes like detailed or textured parts.
  • Material Selection: Tru-Form Plastics helps identify the right choice of materials for optimal function and appearance to support clients’ objectives as well as cost effectiveness.

Once a client finalizes an approach, Tru-Form Plastics offers 3D rapid prototyping to create true-to-life parts of any kind with superb accuracy. This step allows for design verification, reduces design time and avoids costly trial and error processes before manufacturing.

“As companies embark on new ideas in the New Year, we stand ready to support them with detailed planning support to take their great invention to implementation,” said Tru-Form Plastics President Jim Goode.

Located in Southern California, the company is a leader in both thin- (.012” to .085”) and heavy-gauge (.080” to .500”) thermoforming and has helped organizations of all sizes – from leading global companies to small start-ups – with design, production and assembly.

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About Tru-Form Plastics, an InterTrade Industries Company – A world-class, full-service custom thermoformer with more than 100 years of combined experience located in Southern California’s Orange County. Tru-Form Plastics’ offerings include design, rapid prototypes, production, assembly and distribution. The company is well-positioned to meet a variety of needs. The company serves a wide variety of industries including medical, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer and OEM. To learn more, visit, call 714.894.5566 or email