Who Needs EMI Shielding?

Who Needs EMI Shielding?

EMI, also known as electromagnetic interference, is a disturbance in the operation of electronic devices caused by external sources that affect the electrical circuit. One approach to prevent this interference is the use of an EMI shield, a protective enclosure placed around devices to block signals.

Thermoforming can make the use of protective plastic shields simple through integration during the production process. When thermoforming, shields can be applied to the plastic sheet before forming to protect sensitive components by:

  • Sprays
  • Paints
  • Brush-on coatings

These protective films often contain metals like nickel or copper to deflect interference. As EMI is now regulated throughout the globe, use of these materials requires compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (among other local agencies), so look for a thermoforming partner that is fully certified by UL on the substances.

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