Custom Thermoforming
at High Speed with Fewer Steps

Tru-Form Plastics was established in 1959  ̶  we’ve been in business more than 60 years. Our core team of engineers, QA experts, and plant managers has more than a century of combined experience.

We provide a wide range of services for heavy gauge and thin gauge thermoforming. We also offer light assembly and extensive outsourcing options through our partners specializing in paint and finish coatings. Our capacity enables us to handle any size of production at scale.

Our solutions span engineering, production, assembly and distribution across the following industries.

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Heavy Gauge Custom Thermoforming

Our heavy gauge manufacturing is supported by 11 sheet-fed vacuum form machines and seven CNC router trimming work cells for final part trimming.

Examples of our work include:

  •  Making enclosures and control panels for medical machinery and devices
  • Producing seating and cabin interior components for major airlines
  • Creating specialty packaging and handling for the defense sector
  • Developing methods and technologies for automotive prototypes

What Can Tru-Form Plastics Do For You?